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ReceptionistMain tasks :1. Screening incoming calls and greeting guests in a professional manner 处理公司来电、接待访客2.Updating employee leave records and movement record 员工出勤及外出情况记录3.Management of Office supplies 公司食品、用品等的管理4.Management of couriers and mail distribution 快递管理和包裹收发5.Meeting rooms / office cars coordination 会议室、公司用车安排6.Office facility maintenance 公司常用设备维护管理7.Calculation on all kind of office expense 计算办公室各项费用8.complete the tasks assigned by office manager 完成办公室经理交予的各项任务Requirements: 1.College degree or above 大专以上学历2.Good command of English; written and oral 优秀的中英文书写和口头表达能力3. Good communication skills , professional and pleasant phone manner, proactive, and ability to work as a team member.备良好的沟通协调能力,团队合作能力强、工作积极主动、能够主动解决问题 简历请发